I first came on holiday to Turkey in 2001, and subsequently moved out at the start of 2002. It was several years later, however, that I managed to find some spare time and re-took up my hobby of painting, developing a love for painting all things Turkish. My painting style is very detailed, which I often combine with a looser and more abstract textured background. My subject matter is predominantly Turkish, and I particularly enjoy painting contrasts in light and shade with bursts of colour, to reflect the beautiful, vibrant and diverse country that I live in. I hope you enjoy browsing through my paintings as much as I have loved creating them.


All the products on this site are handmade by myself or locally made using images from my original paintings (with the exception of my UK Print on Demand sites). I have taken care to use only the best quality materials and printers for my artwork. A description can be found at the top of each product page, followed by the paintings that are made into those products. The reference code (for ordering) is found at the bottom of each painting alongside the name. Should you wish to see my painting in greater detail, just click on the thumbnail of that image for a larger picture. Not all my images are available in all products due to the shape of the original painting. Please note that the printed items may have a slightly different colour to the images you see on the relevant page, and also that the same image may differ a little in colour when printed onto different materials (e.g. canvas, card or mdf). All my images are protected from copying by the repeated white watermark ‘ Carol Bostan Art ‘, but PLEASE NOTE that this watermark is NOT printed onto the final item